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, by Robert Weiss.

, by Patrick Carnes.

, by Brene Brown.

, by Gail Dines.

, by Norman Doidge.

, by Peggy Orenstein.

, by Vicki Tidwell Palmer.

, by Stephanie Carnes, Mari A. Lee, and Anthony D. Rodriguez.

, by Robert Doyle and Joseph Nowinski.

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Our Therapy is Well Connected!


Like our office environment, we try to characterize our website for those clients interested in increasing both their personal awareness and capacity for self observation, behavioral change and cognition, while further developing their personal insights to their situations. This content provides reference on a wide range of Therapy and counseling subjects attuned to individual, teen therapy, family and couples, and group therapy--engaging couples and entire families.

Obviously the most effective individual and group therapy is traditionally conducted face-to-face within our offices in Reston, Virginia. However, for those who travel frequently, we also conduct therapy on a HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform called Doxy, and the telephone when appropriate.

While substance and sex addictions is a large focus of our business, our psychotherapy experience and focus also includes therapy to address general depression, anxiety in the family, teens and couples.


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Featured Articles:

For the first time, US task force proposes recommendation to screen for anxiety in adults
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cnn "The US Preventive Services Task Force says for the first time that adults under the age of 65 should be screened for anxiety, according to a draft recommendation"

Therapeutic Video Tracks:

Vulnerability and Empathy
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Brene Brown Brene Brown studies the human connection -- our ability to empathize, belong, love. She shares a deep insight that sent her on a personal quest to know both her own and Man's vulnerabilities.

Shame - a Source of Broken Behavior
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Brene Brown Dr. Brown identifies shame as an unspoken epidemic and it as a source behind many forms of broken behavior.

EMDR - Tricia Walsh
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Tricia Walsh Tricia Walsh discusses how EMDR can help us better understand ourselves through her personal story of self-discovery.

EMDR Explained
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EMDR Animation Video Screenhot The EMDR Association UK explains what EMDR therapy is in a simple animated format.

Dr. P Carnes-Sexual Addiction
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Dr. P Carnes Dr. Carnes, a leader in the study of sexual addiction, discusses his 40 yr. legacy in the addiction field, the impact of the Internet, and daily stressors.

Technology and Relationships
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Dr. Sherry Turkle Sherry Turkle takes a very interesting look at how technology and communications devices are shaping our modern relationships: with others, with ourselves, and with Technology.

Depression and Anxiety Disorders
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Dr. Hinda Dubin Dr. Hinda Dubin discusses how depression causes feelings of sadness, loss and anger can interfere with everyday life. She discusses the latest treatments for depression and anxiety disorders; like panic attacks, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders.